Technology and background

1. Background

A great number of accidents occur where horses are injured when transported in trailers. The problems with animal transports have been in focus during the last years. The product described below can also be used for other animals than horses.

2. Technical description

There is a great interest in horses for sport and recreational use in Sweden as long as the rest of the world. The transport of the horses often put the horse at risk, and can be even be painful and tiring for the horse. One problem is the security equipment of the trailer.

The only unsecured cargo (according to Swedish laws) you can have in a trailer is a live animal.

If the car that is pulling the trailer has to hit the breaks the horse moves forward against the bar that the horse are attached to.

If the horse is secured too tight to the bar it can panic. It is not unusual that a horse can rise over or go under the bar.

The solution is a belt (see drawing) that serves the same purpose as a safety belt for humans in the car. The horse wears a harness and a belt is attached to the harness and to the rear of the trailer.Arvak belt

The belt slides via a buckle attached in the wall on each side of the horse to prevent that the horse rearin or goes under the bar. The belt allows minor movements forward, backward and sideways.

3. Protecting the product

The Arvakbelt is protected by patents in for us all interesting countries.

4. Estimating the market

Today there are approximately 40 000 horse trailers registrated in Sweden. Most of those need two belts because the most common type is trailers for two horses.

After exhibiting the Belt at the “Stora Nolia 2004” fair in Sweden, many visitors came to the conclusion that it is likely to be a Law for transporting horses in Sweden in a safer way. It is likely that Insurance Companies demand the use of the Belt.

The interest for our future product were great at the fair and many visitors left us an application of interest. We met suppliers that wanted to resell the product and professional horse trainers that wanted the product as soon as possible. Manufacturers of trailers want to install the Belt when producing new trailers.

A prototype was shown at the worlds biggest horse exebition, Equitana, Essen, Germany. The stand where the belt was shown was visited by the Crown Princess Viktoria and about 300 000 other visitors.

5. Fabrication

Porsi TexSafe AB, that is partly owned by Arvak AB will fabricate the Arvakbelt. The factory is situated in Vuollerim in northern Sweden and is a textile centra with fabrication of textile safety products.




March 2013

During Equitana 2013 in Essen, March 16-24, Humbaur GmbH will introduce the Arvakbelt on the market.

October 2011

Arvak belt fullfilled its high safety dimands at performance tests at SP, Technical Research Institute of Sweden.

June 2010

Arvak has become part owner of the manufacturer Porsi TexSafe AB where the Arvak belt will be manufactured. | +46 70-522 69 29 | Industrivägen 4, 960 30 Vuollerim, Sweden